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ProEmulator is a computer device for:

manage the process of handling parts on universal machines:

- lathes;

- milling;

- drilling;

- horizontal boring;

manage the process of assembling products and their units in the active mode with video and audio tips; organizing training simulators in various trades.

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The main principle of «ProEmulator» is based on modern informational technologies of creating a virtual reality, fully corresponding to actual parameters of machining a workpiece. This is implemented with the help of location probes, mounted on a real machine tool and connected to a computer.

The computer does not control the machine tool, but only displays on the monitor a three-dimensional profile of the workpiece and the part-to-be inside it.

All movements of the cutting tool, manually made by the operator of the machine, correspond to movements of the virtual tool on the monitor. The operator has no need to compare the machining result with a draft of the part, no need to make measurements, etc. «ProEmulator» unit will prompt what handle to turn on the machine, which cutters are required for machining of this or that particular zone of the workpiece, or will report whether the chosen machining conditions are the best.

Reports can appear in a form of a creeping line, a video film, audio and color signals. It looks like a virtual technologist is observing and supervising all actions of the trainee.


«ProEmulator» unit has the following operating modes: DEMO, PILOT and MASTER.

In DEMO operating mode the worker is able to follow the whole process of workpiece machining on the monitor, without real movements of the machine.

In PILOT operating mode the worker performs machining of a workpiece, coordinating his movements with instructions displayed on computer monitor.

Aim indicator flashes in the point to which the worker is to traverse.


Beams from the instrument are directed at the aim indicator. Therefore we are able to machine the workpiece moving prom one point to another and get a final product.

In MASTER operating mode an operator can machine a part all by himself depending on his skills and experience. Virtual technologist gives alert only when an operator is approaching dangerous zones of the machine, or in case deviations from required dimensions exceed established tolerances.

High precision of machining can be achieved due to MAGNIFIER mode. It is possible to combine MAGNIFIER mode with the three operating modes mentioned above.


«ProEmulator» unit gives possibility:

- to machine complicated parts without drawings on paper;

- to lower requirements to operator’s qualification and skills (virtual technologist works for him);

- to achieve high precision machining;

- to produce complex contours without an interpolator or any other devices (with the help of pattern on the monitor);

- to enter a draft of a part and a workpiece to the machine.


«ProEmulator» unit not only suggests the best way to produce a part, but will also show you how to adjust the machine tool, how to chose tools corresponding to machining of a particular workpiece, how to change tools, workpiece and switch operating modes.

Process of machining turns into a computer game.

The game of machining is aimed at attracting young people – PC users to manufacturing metal-working companies. A process of gaming education controlled by an electronic supervisor gives wide possibilities to quickly train a machine tool operator and to raise his qualifications. It also enlarges opportunities of using universal machines in automated production.

This approach requires a new arrangement of a working station, and makes operator’s labour more intellectual and cognitive.

Virtual competition will help to improve productivity and quality of machining.

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Use of «ProEmulator» unit at workshops of technical schools and colleges makes it possible at minimum cost to:

- greatly accelerate training of young specialists;

- prepare qualified personnel for manufacturing companies;

- recruit young people for work on universal machines;

- improve training process with the help of modern informational technologies.


Besides, wide use of «ProEmulator» unit makes it possible to create new jobs in machine manufacturing sphere in new regions where this kind of production was not traditional. It also supports redistribution of workforce and productive capacities.

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TechStanko-21 LLC. was founded in 2000 to develop a variety of technological innovations in the field of mechanical engineering.


One of the first most successful projects was the creation device named ProEmulator. ProEmulator devices were originally developed for universal lathes and milling machines. Later created simulator, as well as a device for drilling, boring and coordinate other types of metal equipment.


However, the idea of ProEmulyator was significantly deeper than the machining area. Currently, the company has started to establish systems based on the ideas ProEmulyatora for other industries, and education. Details about the new developments in ProEmulyatorov will be distributed as soon as they are ready.


In addition, TechStanko-21 LLC. is the work related to the introduction of new technologies in industrial production, and to cooperate invites organizations and individuals.



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